Transcription Test

Congratulations on passing the online quizzes. The last step is to transcribe a short, 3-minute audio file. You must have a working audio player with foot pedal installed on your computer. Please transcribe the audio file and save the document in Microsoft Word format. This audio file is an interview with two speakers. Transcribe it verbatim following the example format below. Keys you should press on your computer are enclosed in square brackets [ ]:

Example Format

Your Name

Speaker 1:[Tab]Type what speaker 1 is saying here.

Speaker 2:[Tab]Type what speaker 2 is saying here. For this transcription, just allow the text to wrap to the next line, but do double-space between speakers. If you are offered a transcriptionist contract with Dictate Express, you will have complete instructions and…

Speaker 1:[Tab]But what if I don’t understand the instructions?

Speaker 2:[Tab]Experienced transcriptionists should be able to understand the simple instructions given here.

Please save the document with the filename format last-first-transcription-test.doc, where last and first represent your name. For example, if my name is Jane Smith, I would name the document smith-jane-transcription-test.doc.

When you are ready to submit your transcription test, please email and attach your test and your resume. The subject line of the email should be: First Last Transcription Test. For example, if my name is Jane Smith, the subject of the email would be Jane Smith Transcription Test. In the body of the email, please write a short paragraph introducing yourself to Dictate Express and provide name, relationship, phone number, and email of 3 professional references.

Please right-click the link below and choose the option to download the file and save it to your computer for transcription, type it, then send it in.

If we do not contact you, we have decided not to pursue a working relationship with you. Do not follow up with further emails or phone calls. There is just not enough time to respond to resume submissions if we are not offering a contract. Thank you for your efforts.

→ Download transcription test audio file