Thank you for your interest in working with Dictate Express. Here are the highlights of working with our company:

  • Independent Contractor (IC) status only.
  • Prompt semimonthly invoice payment through direct deposit.
  • Choose when you work.
  • Minimum production requirement of 45 minutes per day.
  • Supportive “team” environment and company culture.

We do require testing before even accepting your application, this saves time for both of us. There are 4 tests, Spelling, Comma Use, Confusing Words, and a 4-minute audio transcription test. These tests are “open book,” so passing scores are high (100% for Spelling, 90% for Comma Use and Confusing Words, and pass/fail review of the transcription test). You must pass each test in order to proceed to the next test. Once you pass all 4 tests, you will have access to our online application. Be sure to read the instructions for each test carefully.